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Exploring the Variety and Discounts of Insomnia Cookies in Ann Arbor

In this comprehensive review of Insomnia Cookies in Ann Arbor, a rich tapestry of cookie variety and remarkable discounts is unraveled. Providing a closer look into one of the global cookie destinations, the article presents essential information about Insomnia Cookies, casting a spotlight on the options offered in terms of flavor, texture and size among others. The narrative is not limited merely to describing the cookie choices, but also takes a leap to explain the attractive discounts that the brand has to offer, proving that indulging in a sweet retreat doesn’t always have to pinch your pocket.

Exploring the Variety and Discounts of Insomnia Cookies in Ann Arbor

History of Insomnia Cookies in Ann Arbor

Founding and early years

Founded in 2003 by University of Pennsylvania student Seth Berkowitz, Insomnia Cookies quickly carved its niche as a late-night bakery focused on delivering warm cookies straight out of the oven to sweet-toothed clientele. By 2004, the first Insomnia Cookies branch in the city of Ann Arbor emerged. Initially a small bakery, it delivered cookies to students at the University of Michigan and quickly became a popular destination for late-night snackers.

Development over the years

Over the years, Insomnia Cookies in Ann Arbor has significantly grown and expanded from its humble beginnings. Thanks to a loyal customer base, the brand has been able to introduce new products to its menu and offer expansive delivery hours. Today, Insomnia Cookies stands as an essential element of the Ann Arbor dessert scene, offering its delightful, warm cookies to anyone in need of a late-night indulgence.

Categories of Insomnia Cookies

Traditional cookies

Insomnia Cookies offers a variety of traditional cookies that are loved and enjoyed by all. These include classics such as Chocolate Chunk, Sugar, Oatmeal Raisin, and Snickerdoodle. Each cookie is baked fresh in the store and served hot, providing the ultimate comfort food experience.

Deluxe cookies

In addition to the traditional options, Insomnia Cookies also offers a line of deluxe cookies. These are larger and packed with even more flavor, offering customers a truly indulgent treat. Choices include the Triple Chocolate Chunk and S’mores cookies, which have become incredibly popular choices among patrons.

Cookie cakes

For those special occasions or moments when a single cookie just won’t do, Insomnia Cookies also sells cookie cakes. These giant cookies can be customized with different toppings and messages, making them the perfect dessert for birthdays, celebrations, and other events.


Insomnia Cookies extends its baking expertise beyond just cookies. They also offer brownies for those seeking a different, but equally delicious, sweet treat. Available in classic fudge or topped with cream and cookies, these brownies are a decadent alternative.

Unique Features of Insomnia Cookies

Late night delivery

One of the unique features of Insomnia Cookies that set it apart from other bakeries when it first opened was its late-night delivery. The bakery is open until the early morning hours, allowing customers to satisfy their late-night cravings.

Warm cookies

Insomnia Cookies set a new bar in the bakery scene by promising to deliver cookies that were still warm from the oven. This unique feature continues to distinguish Insomnia Cookies, adding an element of comfort and indulgence to each order.

Variety of flavors

Insomnia Cookies is dedicated to providing a variety of flavors to cater to every palate. From classic to unique, there’s a flavor for everyone among their selection of cookies, cookie cakes, and brownies.

Exploring the Variety and Discounts of Insomnia Cookies in Ann Arbor

Exploring the Variety of Flavors

Classic flavors

Insomnia Cookies offers a range of classic flavors, including Sugar, Chocolate Chip, and Oatmeal Raisin. These traditional favorites deliver a sense of homely nostalgia with every bite.

Seasonal flavors

Additionally, they offer seasonal treats that allow patrons to celebrate various holidays and seasons with festive flavors. These may include options like Pumpkin Spice in the fall or Peppermint Chocolate in the winter.

Unique flavors to Insomnia

Integral to its innovation in the cookie market, Insomnia Cookies has several unique flavors in its arsenal. The S’mores Deluxe, Double Chocolate Mint, and White Chocolate Macadamia stand as unique offerings that you won’t find at your standard bakery.

Nutritional Information and Dietary Options

Caloric content

The caloric content of the cookies varies depending on the type and size. Traditional cookies range from 160 to 210 calories per cookie, while the deluxe cookies can contain up to 500 calories each.

Vegan options

Insomnia Cookies recognizes the dietary preferences and restrictions of its customers, offering vegan cookies in Chocolate Chunk and Double Chocolate Chunk.

Gluten-free options

Popular demand has also led to the creation of gluten-free options. The Flourless Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie lets those with gluten restrictions indulge without worry.

Price Ranges for Different Cookie Varieties at Ann Arbor location

Single cookie prices

The pricing at the Ann Arbor location starts as low as $1.59 for a single traditional cookie. Deluxe cookies, being larger and more indulgent, are priced at $2.99 each.

Box deals

Insomnia Cookies also offers box deals, starting from $10.99 for a 6-cookie box, which allows customers to mix and match their favorite flavors. There are also options for larger boxes, perfect for parties or sharing among friends.

Special offers

special offers, like the Sugar Rush deal, which includes a dozen traditional cookies for $13.99, are also available, offering significant value for larger orders.

Insomnia Cookies’ Special Deals and Discounts

Frequent cookie deals

For frequent customers, Insomnia Cookies offers a loyalty program that allows them to collect points with every order, which can then be redeemed for free cookies.

Student discounts

In recognition of its origins, Insomnia Cookies offers student discounts, a hit with the University of Michigan community.

Holiday specials

During holidays and special events, Insomnia Cookies rolls out exclusive deals and discounts. These can range from free shipping promotions to discounted bundles.

Customer Reviews and Experiences

Positive reviews

Insomnia Cookies holds high ratings across multiple review platforms, with many customers lauding their fresh, warm cookies and reliable late-night service.

Common criticisms

Common criticisms include occasional delivery delays during peak hours and the extra cost associated with delivery – a premium many are willing to pay for the convenience and late-night service.

Unique customer stories

One notable strength of Insomnia Cookies has been its ability to forge memorable customer experiences. From sending warm cookie gifts to loved ones living far away, to having cookies delivered for midnight study sessions, these unique experiences have shaped the positive reputation of Insomnia Cookies in Ann Arbor.

Comparing Insomnia Cookies to Other Local Cookie Shops

Quality of cookies

In terms of quality, Insomnia Cookies is often praised for delivering warm, freshly baked cookies. However, tastes are subjective, and some patrons may prefer the flavors or textures of other local cookie shops.

Variety of options

When comparing the variety of options, Insomnia Cookies takes the lead with its array of traditional, deluxe, seasonal, and unique flavors. This, combined with vegan and gluten-free options, ensures that there’s something for everyone.

Price comparison

In comparing prices, Insomnia Cookies can be marginally more expensive than other cookie shops owing to its premium delivery service. However, it does offer deals and discounts which can result in good value for money.

The Future of Insomnia Cookies in Ann Arbor

Expansion plans

While there are no immediate plans to open additional stores in Ann Arbor, the company as a whole has been steadily expanding its reach both in terms of store locations and delivery zones.

Potential new flavors

Insomnia Cookies continuously innovates their menu. Expect to see new cookie flavors and treats introduced to tantalize customers’ taste buds.

Upcoming deals and promotions

As for deals and promotions, keep an eye out for the seasonal and holiday specials. Insomnia Cookies is known for running generous promotions, and there are always opportunities for savings.

In conclusion, Insomnia Cookies in Ann Arbor holds a special spot in the hearts of many cookie-lovers. Their commitment to delivering warm, delicious cookies right up till the early morning has proven a successful recipe. With their continuous innovation and attention to customer feedback, we can expect Insomnia Cookies to continue thriving and delivering sweet satisfaction to its patrons.

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