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Guide to Insomnia Cookies Varieties and Discounts in Milwaukee

Navigating through the delectable array of Insomnia Cookies varieties in Milwaukee just got easier with this comprehensive guide. Not only will it take the guesswork out of your next sweet treats order, but it also highlights numerous ongoing promotions, providing insights on how to enjoy these mouthwatering cookies without burning a hole in your pocket. All the necessary information related to Insomnia Cookies, including the notable differences and options among its assorted offerings, are detailed in this resourceful guide.

Guide to Insomnia Cookies Varieties and Discounts in Milwaukee

Understanding Insomnia Cookies

Origins and Background

We, as the team who brought you the most delicate and delicious cookies, started Insomnia Cookies in 2003. Since then, our brand has grown to be a substantial name in the dessert industry. We originated from a dorm room at the University of Pennsylvania as a small project by our founder Seth Berkowitz. A yearning for late-night sweets and the clear absence of dessert stores open until the early hours spurred the creation of Insomnia Cookies.

Concept of Insomnia Cookies

At Insomnia Cookies, we appreciate everyone’s fondness for satisfying late-night sugar cravings. It led to the development of our unique concept – a cookie brand dedicated to ensuring high-quality, tasty, oven-fresh cookies, regardless of the hour. Our stores commonly operate until 3 A.M., encouraging sweet-lovers to indulge in our delectable treats no matter what time it is.

Overview of Insomnia Cookies Products

An Introduction to the Cookies

Our cookies are beyond ordinary; they’re an encounter for the senses. We meticulously select our ingredients to develop cookies that melt in your mouth and leave an unforgettable impression. Fresh, chewy, and loaded with flavor, our cookies satisfy cravings in the most delicious way possible.

Different Types of Cookies Offered

We take pride in the range of cookie varieties we offer. Classic favorites like Chocolate Chip and Sugar cookies find company with our special range of cookies like Double Chocolate Mint, White Chocolate Macadamia, and more. We aim to provide options that cater to everyone’s taste.

Non-Cookie Items on the Menu

Though cookies are our specialty, our menu extends into other dimensions of sweetness. We also offer brownies, cookie-a-la-modes, and, for the ultimate decadence, our renowned ‘Bigwich’ – a cookie sandwich loaded with our special icing.

Popular Cookie Varieties

Chocolate Chunk

Our traditional Chocolate Chunk is a universally loved classic. Laden with big chunks of premium chocolate, this cookie offers an indulgent, melt-in-your-mouth experience that keeps people coming back for more.


Snickerdoodle, a soft, buttery cookie coated in cinnamon sugar, is a must-try. The remarkable balance of sweetness and spiciness is well-loved by our patrons.


Our Sugar cookie is a delight in its simplicity. Unassuming yet irresistibly delicious, this classic favorite reigns with its perfect blend of sweetness and texture.

Oatmeal Raisin

Loaded with hearty oats and sweet raisins, our Oatmeal Raisin cookies offer a scrumptious, healthful treat for those who prefer a less overtly sweet cookie.

Double Chocolate Chunk

For the persistent choco-holics, our Double Chocolate Chunk satiates chocolate cravings like none other. Made of deep, dark chocolate dough and filled with chunks of premium chocolate, it’s a truly indulgent delight.

White Chocolate Macadamia

An exotic delight, our White Chocolate Macadamia combines the creamy sweetness of white chocolate with the crunch and flavor of high-quality macadamias for a unique taste sensation.

Peanut Butter Chip

Filled with delicious peanut butter chips, our Peanut Butter Chip cookies are soft, chewy, and have an appealing, nutty flavor that is unmatchable.


Our M&M cookies, packed with colorful M&M’s, are a hit among younger patrons – and those who are young at heart. Their whimsical appearance matches the fun, sweet taste.

Guide to Insomnia Cookies Varieties and Discounts in Milwaukee

Insomnia Cookies’ Specialties

Cookie Cakes

At Insomnia Cookies, cookie lovers can indulge in our signature Cookie Cakes. More significant and more decadent, these cakes are perfect for celebrating special occasions or merely treating oneself to something extra.

Brownies and Bars

We also offer a mouthwatering range of Brownies and Bars. Whether you favor the gooey richness of an undercooked brownie or the smooth feedback of a perfectly iced bar, we’ve got you covered.

Ice-Cream Sandwiches

An Insomnia Cookie specialty, the ice-cream sandwich, combines our delicious cookies with premium ice cream for a heavenly treat.

Vegan and Gluten-Free Options

Vegan Cookie Varieties

Understanding our customers’ diversity, we provide vegan options. Specifically, our Vegan Chocolate Chunk cookies cater to the vegan patrons without compromising on the taste.

Gluten-free Varieties

Similarly, for those who prefer or require gluten-free options, we serve Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip cookies that capture the rich flavor of our traditional cookies – minus the gluten.

Insomnia Cookies Locations in Milwaukee

Downtown Milwaukee

We are delighted to serve the heart of Milwaukee, Downtown Milwaukee, with our irresistible cookies. Drop by our store to experience the Insomnia Cookies difference.

Marquette University Area

Being a brand originating from a university, we have a special rapport with student communities. We’re delighted to extend our services in the Marquette University Area.

East Side Milwaukee

The lively East Side of Milwaukee also enjoys the availability of our delicious delights.

Insomnia Cookies Pricing in Milwaukee

Price Range for Single Cookies

We price our single cookies affordably, making indulging in a delicious treat accessible for everyone. The prices vary depending on the cookie variety.

Price for Boxed Cookies and Deals

For those intending to buy more, we provide cookie boxes that offer value for money. We also carry out special deals from time to time.

Price for Special Items

The warrant for our pricing for special items like Cookie Cakes, Brownies, and the signature Ice-cream sandwich reflects the uniqueness and quality of these treats.

Insomnia Cookies Discounts and Offers

Seasonal Discounts

We love celebrating different seasons and occasions with our patrons. Hence, we offer enticing seasonal discounts, making our cookies even more enjoyable.

Promotional Offers

We continuously provide promotional offers. Follow us on our official platforms for the latest information.

Student Discounts

Being a brand with close ties to student communities, we provide special student discounts. Simply show your student ID to avail these benefits.

How to Access Insomnia Cookies Discounts

Using the Insomnia Cookies App

Grab your discounts by using the Insomnia Cookies app, which houses all of our latest offers and promotions. Download it today to start making the most out of your Insomnia Cookies experience.

Sign-up for Email Notifications

For direct notifications regarding our latest discounts and promotions, sign up for our email notifications. We assure not to spam you – only valuable content will reach your inbox.

Following on Social Media

Our regular updates about new cookie varieties, discounts, and special promotions are always displayed on our social media pages. Stay updated by following us on these platforms.

Insomnia Cookies’ Delivery and Takeaway Services

Delivery Options in Milwaukee

To further our goal of accessibility, we have a swift, reliable delivery service in Milwaukee. Regardless of where you are in the city, you can enjoy Insomnia Cookies’ flavors right at your doorstep.

Ordering Methods

You can place your orders easily through our dedicated website or the Insomnia Cookies app. Our user-friendly platforms offer a hassle-free ordering experience.

Delivery Times and Rates

We pride ourselves in our prompt delivery service. The time and rates slightly vary based on your location. However, you can always count on us to deliver your favorite treats swiftly and in perfect condition.

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