Reviewing and Comparing Top 4 Upper Body Workout Products: Video Series vs. Reboot Book vs. Twister Exerciser

Hey there, fellow fitness enthusiasts! Over the last few years we’ve seen an exciting rise in workout products that target specific body parts. Now, more than ever, we can get an intense, whole body, invigorating workout without even stepping into a gym. Today, let’s talk about some high-quality, upper-body workout products that promise to get our hearts pounding and our muscles sculpted.

Fitness equipment and workout videos are nothing new. They’ve been around since the days of Jane Fonda and the ThighMaster. But what has changed over time is the scientific thought, the design, and the customizability put into these products. Instead of generic, one-size-fits-all exercises, we now have the luxury of targeting specific muscle groups. This is where upper body workout products come in. They’re designed to strengthen our arms, shoulders, chest and back, leading to improved body definition and better posture. Not to mention they’re incredibly convenient, allowing us to work out anytime, anywhere.

To help you decide which product will meet your fitness goals best, we are going to explore some top options in detail. We will compare and review “Watch Upper Body Workout: Arm and Shoulder Strength Workout with Dumbbells” and “Watch Arms, Abs, Chest and Back: Upper Body Workout,” both available on Prime Video. For those who prefer a comprehensive guide, we will consider “The 6 WEEK UPPER BODY FIX,” a step-by-step workout plan. Finally, for a compact equipment solution, we will look at “Lifepro Twister Arm Exerciser.” Let’s get our sweat on and find the best upper-body workout for us!

Upper Body Workout: Arm and Shoulder Strength Video with Dumbbells on Amazon Prime

Watch Upper Body Workout: Arm and Shoulder Strength Workout with Dumbbells | Prime Video

Watch Upper Body Workout: Arm and Shoulder Strength Workout with Dumbbells | Prime Video is an exceptional product designed for individuals who want to enhance their upper body strength through guided, at-home workouts. Our primary usage has been to amplify our arm, shoulder, and chest gains, radically transforming our home workout routine.

We find this product highly appealing for numerous reasons. Firstly, it’s a streamable video, which means we can easily incorporate it into our daily schedule without needing to block out significant increments of time at the gym.

Second, the workout included in this video isn’t just made up of random exercises; instead, it’s a carefully curated set designed to engage your muscles in an efficient and effective manner. Over time, we have genuinely noticed an improvement in our upper body strength.

Lastly, we have found it to be a very user-friendly product. It requires only two dumbbells, thereby making it an accessible option for people with differing levels of fitness experience, workout spaces, and equipment.

The main purpose of Watch Upper Body Workout: Arm and Shoulder Strength Workout with Dumbbells | Prime Video is to provide users with an easy-to-follow, professional calibre upper body exercise regime. The workout is tailored to strengthen the arms, shoulders and chest muscles, making it ideal for people who want to work on their upper body without the need for a full gym setup.

Key features of this product include:

  • Video tutorials: The exercise regime is presented in video format, which helps users learn the correct postures and movements.
  • Instructor-led: The workout is guided by a professional fitness instructor, who provides helpful commentary and tips throughout the workout.
  • Adjustable difficulty: The intensity of the workout can be modified according to the user’s fitness level by changing the weight of the dumbbells used.
  • Streamable: The video can be streamed from any device, allowing users to work out at home, in the park, or even during a break at work.

Based on our usage, we have found the Watch Upper Body Workout: Arm and Shoulder Strength Workout with Dumbbells | Prime Video to be of exceptional quality. It provides an clear and easy-to-understand workout routine that anyone can follow, regardless of their fitness level.

The quality of the video is top-notch, with clear visuals and sound. The instructor’s guidance and commentary make it easy to understand and execute the exercises correctly. We have definitely seen improvements in our upper body strength after consistently using this program.

Like every product, the Watch Upper Body Workout: Arm and Shoulder Strength Workout with Dumbbells | Prime Video has its strengths and weaknesses.


  • Easy to use: The video is streamable, which means you can use it at your convenience, in your comfort zone.
  • Varied workout: The combination of different exercises ensures different muscles are targeted during the workout.
  • Professional instruction: The trainer provides effective guidance, ensuring you perform exercises correctly.
  • Improves strength: Due to its systematic approach, it helps build upper body strength over time.


  • Need for dumbbells: This workout necessitates two dumbbells, which may not be readily available for everyone.
  • Lack of advanced options: While it’s great for beginners to intermediates, advanced users might find a lack of more complex workouts.
  • Internet required: As the workout is an online video, it requires a reliable internet connection to stream.

While it does have a few minor downsides, the Watch Upper Body Workout: Arm and Shoulder Strength Workout with Dumbbells | Prime Video is an excellent resource for anyone looking to enhance their upper body workout regimen.

Upper Body Workout: Arm and Shoulder Strength Video with Dumbbells on Amazon Prime

Upper Body Workout Video for Arms, Abs, Chest, and Back on Prime Video

Watch Arms, Abs, Chest and Back: Upper Body Workout | Prime Video

Watch Arms, Abs, Chest and Back: Upper Body Workout | Prime Video serves as an extremely practical and easy-to-use fitness guide that focuses exclusively on upper body workouts. It caters to both beginners and fitness enthusiasts with an aim to improve strength, tone muscles, and better understand exercise principles. Its primary use lies in not only giving a visual demonstration of each exercise but also offering expert advice on building a workout routine that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

What makes us lean towards this product is its convenience and ease of use. It eliminates the need for a fitness trainer, as we can comfortably use it at our own pace and our preferred time slot. The video series precisely explains each upper body workout, ensuring firm basics and clear understanding. It’s like having a personal trainer just a click away!

Moreover, the sheer diversity of workouts presented in the video helps to maintain enthusiasm and avoid monotony. Each exercise is coupled with essential tips from experts that prepare us to brace the journey in the most effective way.

The central purpose of the Watch Arms, Abs, Chest and Back: Upper Body Workout | Prime Video is to offer an interactive and dynamic workout experience that focuses on strengthening and toning the upper body.

  1. Wide-ranging Upper body Workouts: The video series encompasses all major upper body workouts targeting your arms, abs, chest, and back.

  2. Detailed Instructions: Each workout comes with step-by-step directions, taking away the guesswork out of your exercise routine.

  3. Expert Tips: The series is packed with essential pointers and tips from fitness experts to enhance your understanding and overall workout experience.

  4. Suitable for All Levels: It serves as an efficient guide for every level, from novice fitness seekers to seasoned athletes, everyone gets to learn something valuable.

We were particularly impressed by the detailed nature of this Prime Video series. It is well-structured, thorough, and highly instructive. The quality of the content is top-notch, from the clarity of video and audio to the expertise of the trainers.

Moreover, this upper body workout video series shows utmost dedication towards maintaining a good balance between education and action. The way each frame is detailed and broken down into smaller, understandable parts speaks volumes about the product’s quality.

Like every product, the Watch Arms, Abs, Chest and Back: Upper Body Workout | Prime Video has its pros and cons.

  1. Complete Visual Experience: The fact that this is a video series gives it an edge over text-based workout guides as actual demonstration aids better understanding.

  2. Convenient and User-friendly: We found this product to be incredibly convenient to use. It allows us to spontaneously fit in exercise sessions into our schedules.

  3. Versatility: This product caters to all fitness levels, making it a versatile pick.

  4. Online Dependence: A potential drawback could be its dependency on internet connectivity. The online nature of the product could pose a challenge in areas with limited or no internet access.

  5. No Personal Feedback: Unlike a physical trainer, this video guide does not give personalized feedback or corrections on posture and technique.

Nevertheless, the pros definitely outweigh the cons, and we believe this product to be of significant value for anyone looking to focus on their upper body strength. With its dynamic content and expert guidance, this video series surely seems like a worthy companion for your fitness journey.

Upper Body Workout Video for Arms, Abs, Chest, and Back on Prime Video

6 Week Upper Body Fix: 2-Phase Workout Plan for Toning and Strength (Body Reboot Series)

The 6 WEEK UPPER BODY FIX: Your Ultimate 2-Phase Upper Body Workout Plan to Give You a Tone, Strong Upper Body, Flat Abs and Look Amazing - Fast! (Body Reboot Series)

The 6 WEEK UPPER BODY FIX: Your Ultimate 2-Phase Upper Body Workout Plan revels in its ability to give a toned, stronger and better-looking upper body to its consumers. This book from the Body Reboot Series can be an indispensable workout guide for anyone hoping to sculpt their upper body. The primary usage can vary from beginners looking to get into a healthy lifestyle to professional athletes trying to mix up their workout plans, this book caters to all.

This book genuinely shines in its thorough methodical approach to upper body workouts. We absolutely love how detailed each workout plan is. It’s completely diverse, making it possible for anyone, with any amount of workout experience, to use this knowledge to their advantage.

The 6 WEEK UPPER BODY FIX is specifically designed with quality and efficiency in mind, focusing on important fitness aspects like muscle balance, strength, and flexibility. Most fitness product’s fundamental flaw lies in their limitation to a specific workout type or body part. However, this body reboot book purposefully involves various workouts catering to the whole upper body, thus overcoming the common restrictive approach.

This ultimate 2-phase upper body workout plan aims to tone up, provide strength and give an aesthetic look to the user’s upper body including the abs. It sets out to achieve this through its easy-to-follow instructions and exercise illustrations, ensuring the correct form and thus eliminating the risks of any injury.

One of the key features of the workout plan is its simplicity, making it easily adaptable for anyone regardless of their fitness level. This means beginners can ease their way into the learning process, intermediate fitness enthusiasts can add new workouts to their routine, and advanced athletes can challenge themselves with the more complex and demanding exercises.

Another noteworthy feature is the two-phase approach, namely the “Strength Phase” and the “Muscle Definition Phase”. This ensures a gradual and healthy progression of the user’s fitness journey leading to optimum results.

The overall quality of The 6 WEEK UPPER BODY FIX book can be summed up in two words: comprehensive and effective. The workout guide has been created with a lot of thought and care to ensure it is both useful and productive.

The quality of information strikes a perfect balance between being insightful for a beginner and challenging for a fitness enthusiast. The book uses a straightforward language, making it easy to understand and follow. Furthermore, the quality of the illustrations provided is excellent as they help in correct understanding and implementation of each exercise.

Every product has its highs and lows. Let’s dissect the pros and cons of this body reboot book.

  1. The book offers a comprehensive guide for upper body workouts catering to all fitness levels.

  2. It adopts a two-phase approach ensuring gradual and effective results.

  3. Clear instructions and quality illustrations provided guide the user about the correct form, reducing the risk of any injury.

  4. As this is a book, it lacks the interactive element that a video series can provide. Those consumers who prefer an active real-time demonstration may not be entirely satisfied.

  5. For those with specific fitness goals like weight-loss or muscle gain solely in certain body parts, the holistic approach of this book might not be ideal.

This review is a thorough evaluation from our perspective, but ultimately the consumers must choose what suits their personal fitness goals best. Regardless, we firmly believe that The 6 WEEK UPPER BODY FIX: Your Ultimate 2-Phase Upper Body Workout Plan offers a substantial resource for a strong, toned, and praiseworthy upper body.

6 Week Upper Body Fix: 2-Phase Workout Plan for Toning and Strength (Body Reboot Series)

Lifepro Twister Portable Arm and Upper Body Workout Equipment with 22-Level Hydraulic Resistance

Lifepro Twister Arm Exerciser - Compact  Travel-Friendly Arm, Back, Shoulders, and Chest Workout Equipment - Hydraulic Chest Expander and Arm Workout Machine with 22

The Lifepro Twister Arm Exerciser is a versatile piece of workout equipment designed with a key focus on sculpting the upper body. This hydraulic power twister chest press machine lets users aim for an intense workout targeting the back, shoulders, arms, chest, and core muscles.

This product is particularly ideal for those who are interested in strength training, and it is built to accommodate users of different fitness levels. Its convenient design also makes it a standout option for individuals who travel frequently or need a compact piece of exercise equipment that can be easily carried around or used in a variety of settings.

The key points that drew us to the Lifepro Twister Arm Exerciser were its portability, adjustability, and safety features. It sports a travel-friendly design and an arm-locking mechanism, allowing users to easily carry it around and exercise wherever they like. Whether you prefer training at home, at the office, or while on the go, this product suits all needs.

Another great feature is its ten adjustable resistance levels. This allows users to increase the workout challenge gradually, which makes it suitable for beginners and advanced users alike. Moreover, the product ensures safe workouts with its non-slip grips and high-quality hydraulic mechanism that prevent dangerous rebound or slippage, assuaging any safety concerns.

The Lifepro Twister Arm Exerciser was primarily designed for upper body training. Its hydraulic resistance system enables numerous exercises to build strength in various muscle groups, including the back, shoulders, arms, chest, and even the core.

Its compact size and arm-locking mechanism takes portability a mile further, ensuring that you can carry the exerciser with you wherever you go. Moreover, the exerciser includes 10 adjustable resistance levels, allowing you to change the intensity of your workout according to your fitness level or target goal.

In terms of safety, this product features a workout-safe design, non-slipping grips, and a premium hydraulic mechanism to ensure a safe exercise session and prevent injuries.

The quality of the Lifepro Twister Arm Exerciser continues to impress us. Constructed of tough carbon steel, the product is durable and designed to endure even the most intense workouts. The use of high-quality materials and strict adherence to quality standards ensures resilience and longevity for the exerciser, making it a great value for your investment.

Like any product, the Lifepro Twister Arm Exerciser has its advantages and possible disadvantages. On the plus side, the exerciser’s portability, adjustable resistance levels, and safety features are major highlights. Its robust build and material quality also translate into a lasting product able to withstand regular and heavy use.

On the potential downside, some users might find the grip size somewhat unsuitable, especially for those with smaller hands. Setting up the adjustable resistance levels might also be challenging for those who are new to such equipment. However, once you get the hang of it, manipulating the settings becomes a breeze.

In spite of these minor concerns, the Lifepro Twister Arm Exerciser remains a top product in our book for upper body training. Its purpose-driven design and high-quality construction promise a rewarding and, most importantly, safe workout experience. With the right use, this exerciser can be instrumental in helping you reach your fitness goals.

Lifepro Twister Portable Arm and Upper Body Workout Equipment with 22-Level Hydraulic Resistance

Product Comparison

In our quest to find effective ways to build a strong upper body, we’ve considered four products: two videos and two physical products. Here’s our head-to-head comparison:

  1. Watch Upper Body Workout: Arm and Shoulder Strength Workout with Dumbbells | Prime Video: This is a video guide specifically targeting the arm and shoulder muscles with exercises that require dumbbells. The guide is easy to follow and covers a good range of exercises.

  2. Watch Arms, Abs, Chest and Back: Upper Body Workout | Prime Video: Another video guide, but this one has broader scope. Apart from the arms, it also provides a workout plan for abs, chest, and back. It is also beginner-friendly and uses dumbbells for the workout routine.

  3. The 6 WEEK UPPER BODY FIX: This is a more comprehensive workout plan designed to give a toned, stronger upper body, flat abs and deliver stunning results in just 6 weeks. This is not just a guide, but a whole program that comes with a two-phase workout plan.

  4. Lifepro Twister Arm Exerciser: A versatile piece of equipment that focuses on strengthening the back, shoulders, arms, chest, and core muscles. It uses hydraulic resistance which is adjustable, and is compact enough for travel. Made of high quality carbon steel, it is built to withstand intense workouts safely.

Here’s a comparison table to present the info more clearly:

Product Type Focus Area Equipment Required Travel Friendly Duration
Watch Upper Body Workout Video Arms and Shoulders Dumbbells Yes Varies
Watch Arms, Abs, Chest and Back Video Full Upper Body Dumbbells Yes Varies
The 6 WEEK UPPER BODY FIX Program Full Upper Body No 6 Weeks
Lifepro Twister Arm Exerciser Physical Equipment Full Upper Body None (self-contained) Yes N/A

Ultimately, the right product depends on your individual needs and preferences. Whether you prefer following a video guidance, want a structured program, or enjoy the convenience of a compact piece of equipment, there’s an option for you. You just need to pick the right one that aligns with your personal fitness goals.

Our Review Summary for Four Upper Body Workout Products

After testing out and reviewing the four products, we understand now that focusing on your upper body strength is not only about running to the gym. You can incorporate practical, versatile, and fun alternatives into your workout routine right from home. Here’s a detailed summary:

1. Watch Upper Body Workout: Arm and Shoulder Strength Workout with Dumbbells | Prime Video

Our experience with this video was quite positive. The specifics on how to perform each workout are detailed and easy to follow. However, it’s essential to note that this workout program does not include a warm-up or cool-down segment.

Recommendation: Ideal for those who already have some gym experience or intermediate-level fitness enthusiasts.

2. Watch Arms, Abs, Chest and Back: Upper Body Workout | Prime Video

Easier to follow compared to the first, we like that this workout video is a complete upper body routine. It’s comprehensive and ideal for those who want to hit many muscle groups at once. However, it felt a bit rushed at times.

Recommendation: Perfect for those with limited time who still want a quick and effective total upper body workout.


We find this book beneficial for those interested in a long-term commitment to improving their upper body strength. It lays out a two-phase program that can indeed deliver results if followed correctly. However, the lack of accompanying visual aids can make it challenging to understand some of the exercises.

Recommendation: Best for people who enjoy the old school approach and can commit to a 6-week program.

4. Lifepro Twister Arm Exerciser

Compact, travel-friendly, and efficient, we loved how this arm exerciser allowed us to work out many muscle groups. It is somewhat limiting, though, as it mostly targets your upper body and won’t give your legs much of a workout.

Recommendation: Ideal for travelers or those with little room for workout equipment.

So there you have it! Not all workouts require you to pump heavy iron in the gym. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, there’s something out there for you. Remember, the key is consistency – find what you enjoy and stick to it!

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